Musasa - Olive Manakees - Hemp & Sterling Silver

$85.00 USD

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  • Small (Stretched Ears)
  • Large (Stretched Ears) $105.00 USD
  • Small (Normal Piercing)
  • Large (Normal Piercing) $105.00 USD

Manakees are digitally crafted from Biodegradable Bamboo Fibres. The handcrafted finish includes adding the majestic & timeless sparkle of Sterling Silver & Hemp Thread so they are true to their far origins refined into quality aesthetics.

Their story is kept within them, of all the techniques which were necessary to build up the form’s quality, in particular their own, identifiable and unquestionable form as the original Manakees by Manaka

✓ For Pierced Ears & Stretched Ears

✓ Available in 2 Sizes
Large 8.5cm / Small 7.5cm

✓ Sterling Silver

✓ Environmentally Friendly

✓ Lightweight

✓ Checked for wearability & durability

✓ Boxed and Ready to Gift (((♥)))

  • Small (Stretched Ears) 6 in stock

  • Large (Stretched Ears) 8 in stock

  • Small (Normal Piercing) 9 in stock

  • Large (Normal Piercing) 8 in stock